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Need Urgent Help! Requirements = OK

The client orders a gig and in requirements, he writes just “OK” and nothing else. What should I do now?

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@farrukh_bala you check requirements if it is ok for your works then ok

Obviously it’s not ok.

@farrukh_bala you should reach out to your client immediately asking to provide proper requirements as you have an order deadline and can not start working without them
And you can also request a time extension to cover for the wait time of their response


Client is saying he misplaced the order now what should I do?

Open a ticket with Customer Support saying you want to cancel this order because the buyer placed the order by mistake.

This may or may not affect your order completion rate, but it’s your best shot.

Good luck


:roll_eyes: This feels like a joke actually. OK. :sweat_smile:

:roll_eyes: This is the real solution.

Yes! this is real solution if the client is serious about the order but in my situation, client is not serious about the order and now he wants me to send the cancel request.

I have opened a ticket. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

Just cancel the order, simple.

Why you’ve contacted CS? You can make the cancel request by your own where buyer can accept. There is no need of CS involvement.

I will send the cancel request it will affect my completion rate. If the CS cancels the order there is a chance that it will not affect the completion rate.

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If this is really a true, Good for you. But with my cancellation experiences non of them were done without affecting my order completion rate where i used to contact CS for cancellation.

CS have cancel the order and it did not affect my completion rate.