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Need urgent help! Vacation mode automatically on - must guide

I haven’t on the vacation mode and it showing on my profile.

Please check the pics and guide me

Same Here.

Hope Fiverr will Fix it soon. :slight_smile:

I don’t know whats going on!!!
Earlier, I was unable to send message to buyer who placed an order- neither in order window nor in inbox. there wasn’t either any warning or error showing up.
That was resolved though but these flaws can effect my sales.

I just checked my profile (new) and I am also “on vacation”…this is news to me. I also have NOT toggled the vacation switch. Maybe this is why I have no orders…LOL

I think the whole fiverr site has gone "on Vacation"
I hope to get some response from authorities.

Me too facing the same issue :frowning:

Problem Fixed.

Yup :)>- =D>