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Need urgent help

i have order for traffic for my website ************** , something 8 hours has past but still i did not get any traffic on my website.
will i get traffic on my website ?? or i had lost my money in order.

please help me

If a seller guaranteed you a set amount of traffic and you can prove you didn’t get it, you can ask for a refund as long as you didn’t wait too long. If the order is still active or just completed you can ask the seller to give you a refund. If the seller refuses, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support.

If the gig completed more than a few days ago and you didn’t act sooner, you may not be able to get your money back. Traffic gigs are notoriously difficult because a lot of people buy them with a short delivery time when the traffic can’t be proven as delivered or not for weeks.

Did they promise you traffic in 8 hours? It does not matter since the traffic is not real, it will be bots.

it is showing delivered…what does it mean??

It means the seller is saying he did the work. You can ask your seller for more details about this since he is the best one to know what was done and what you can expect.