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Need urgent help

Hello everyone…

A client to me asking that can he can order the gig using debit card?

i do not know about ordering the gig…can anyone please reply asap

Hey divyagoel,

As far as I know, as long as the debit card uses the Interac service, he is able to order the gig using one.



if buyer is from Indian then he won’t be able to complete the payment. Credit card is required to pay with paypal.

I don’t see how this is your concern. It’s between Fiverr and him. Het can contact CS for this kind of questions.

Thankyou zack…will let the client know about it

No…He is from Malasiya…

Yes…i suggest him the same but i think he is new to fiverr and having trouble in submitting the ticket…so i thought forum experts may have the answer of it…

Suggest him use his card with PayPal

Matter sorted out…thankyou for the support

Tell Him to Use PayPal or Bitcoin