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Need Useful tips , to become a TRS?

Hello Folks,
I am dealing with a serious problem , undergoing evaluation process since 3 months on my friends account.He tried to asked in the forum . All the requirements for the TRS are completed but not nominated yet ,for this opportunity.
In the first month, fiverr marked some mistakes in my gigs and asked me to modified , updated and modified gigs according to the fiverr note. But didn’t got any feedback yet .
If I am not wrong , Next evaluation process will be held tomorrow. Kindly provide some authentic and useful advice or techniques to overcome this problem.
Looking forward to your replies.
Thank You.

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You have a much more serious problem here than not being promoted to TRS. It is against ToS to have more than one active account. Once Fiverr gets to know of your multiple accounts, you have a high chance of all your accounts being banned.


Thank You Mate,
I know that Multiple accounts are not allowed. I have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions.
But that account held by someone else not me. So there will be no chance of violation. I am asking all this to get some useful knowledge to help him.
It will be more generous if you can provide some tips related to my topic.

I think he said that just for this specific part. You should have specified that it wasn’t yours.


You clearly stated that it was YOUR OTHER account. Who is this “someone else”? If this “someone else” needs help, why can’t he post a thread from his own “TRS nominated account”?


If you are saying about your other account and why aren’t you nominated yet in first post, how you are saying that it isn’t your account?


Yes I was asking from my side.
I don’t know what is wrong in this to learn something about the fiverr.
all the comments i read , started to pulling me down rather than helping me out.
But I republished my post. Hope this time you guys will provide some strong information from that I can learn.
Thank You

The problem in my post you were pointing is removed.
Hope to learn something from you guys.

It was just a word choice mistake, and I’m sure everyone here is trynig to help, that’s why many of us pointed that mistake. As for the question you have, here are the requirements and in the TRS it says.

I don’t know if they check anything besides the original requirements, but according to that, if you meet the requirements you should be good.

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Great , very precise.
I am on level Pages. It seems that account meet all the requirements. I will ask him to search about these more and get in touch with the CS.
I am new to this community , recently joined the forum to get in touch with the people on fiverr.
It was not a great experience on this post but learned something clearly.
Many Thanks for your advice . Next time I will be more attentive about the words.:slightly_smiling_face:

Ask Customer Support.

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Thank You sir , Problem solved.

Sure , Will definitely do.

Good. It’s possible they will spend extra time reviewing the accounts since your thread has been forwarded to Trust and Safety.


Exactly . Its the only fair medium I can see for now.

Your reference to both accounts as yours may prompt them to look closely. I doubt anything will happen before the 15th, but at least there should be investigation.

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Could you please elaborate this?

If you just made a wording mistake you are fine, they can see all the patterns, VPN, etc and know the truth either way. If the accounts are 100% separate they can check the level issue. If you have two accounts then staff will take steps as needed.


No problem I am 100% clean. I have nothing to worry about the VPN ,same IPs etc. That was just a wording mistakes(asking a question from other perspective)
Thanks for your help . Hope they would find the truth and take steps according to criteria.
You were very helpful.

Good. It is best not to post questions “for a friend.” If there are further questions, that user account should make a post.