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Need video for Gig

Please can someone tell me how to create video for my gig. I normally use Anmoto but I can’t use it again since their video is now watermarked

You could use PowerPoint or Keynote, both of those have an export to a video/quicktime file option. You can add both video and audio to the powerpoint presentation.

If you have a Apple computer you can use iMovie. I am not sure what to use for a PC computer.

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If your familiar with some video editing software like after effects , adobe premiere, you can make one for yourself. ( else contact someone who knows )

A short video under 1min with size less than 50mb and exclusively on fiverr written somewhere in the video will do.

Reply to @shinuikha8: Thank you for your suggestion. Can I use someone from fiverr to create a video for me?

Reply to @sincere18: Thank you for your input.

Reply to @rose_writer: why not ! try someone who is really experienced , convey your ideas & I’m you’ll get a really cool video for your gig :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Reply to @rose_writer: of course you can do that, I’m sure there are plenty of sellers who offer video gigs.

Reply to @rose_writer: of course if you are a writer, you maybe just need a short video of yourself introducing yourself and telling people what you can do. If your computer has a webcam, then just record it through that. Even a simple thing will be ok if you say good things and sound a little professional. Just make sure it’s a quiet room and turn on as many lights as you can :slight_smile:

then put your video clip into PowerPoint or Keynote, add a title and an end and export. But yes, you can hire someone else and do something fancier if you wish, ,just depends on what your goals are. What kind of videos do other writers have? I would search out many other writers and watch their videos for general ideas.

Good luck to you.

If you use a Mac computer you could use iMovie.