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Need WiFi connection on PC to Withdraw

I kept having this error telling me to check if my phone is connected to the internet and restart it when withdrawing. I thought I better try whatever and turning my laptop’s WiFi on solved it. I always use cable connection at home and turn WiFi off. I suppose Fiverr uses some WiFi system to detect my PC/phone proximity (same network). That should at least be stated when withdrawing.

I had that happen when I was staying in a hotel. I was connected to the hotel’s internet. There was a red message on the bottom of the screen that said “no internet connection” even though I definitely was connected.
Sometimes I could get onto fiverr and sometimes I couldn’t.

I thought it might be due to having money in my fiverr account. It stopped when I came home and used my usual internet connection.

I think the app is meant to be used when we are away from our usual connection, so I’m not sure why this happened.