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Need your advice "Out of office"

Hey Fiverr community, hope you’re having a nice day.

I m going for leave and Christmas events for 3 days. I need to know should I mark my profile out of the office or should i stay normal as a running account.

Out of office will de-rank my profile status or not. just want to know that.



I have been sick off and on this year so I’ve used Out Of Office a few times.

Last year I was swamped with work and had to use OoO just so I could catch up.

There are options you can choose when using the OoO function to explain why you are away. I suggest you make use of them.

It hasn’t impacted my orders any.


I think you should stay normal as a running your account if want to your gig keep rank.

It used to impact my sales for a few weeks after I came back. Haven’t used it for a few years, but as far as I understand you should get your ranking back when you’re back in office. If I’m just out for a day or two I usually just increase my delivery time a bit to avoid taking my profile offline and not landing jobs.

If you’re out for longer it makes sense to use the out of office.

I’m rarely off other than if I’m sick (I never go on holiday and I work 365 days a year)


A good education info


no need to mark you as oit of the office… It’s de-rank your gig…stay online as you can,though any client knock you, try to tell them you are not ready to work now.

Happy Freelancing, Happy Christmas.

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thanks, everyone appreciates your advice