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Need your advice: should I cancel this order? [Thread solved]

This is the very first that this is happening to me. A client placed an order but didn’t send me the script to record. Instead of that he filled the white space at the requirements explaining what kind of tone he wants at the recording. As I offer voice over services I cannot proceed with the order without the script, so my hands are tight.

I’ve sent two messages to the client asking for the text to record. The client was online but he didn’t even bother to answer me and the clock is ticking.

So, what is the best thing to do: let the clock be late and wait a little longer to see if the client answers or send him the cancelation request a few moments before the time ends? What is the best thing to my account?

Update: Situation solved. After a few attempts to try to get the information I needed to proceed with the order a cancelation request was send. Thread solved. Thank you so much for everyone who tried to help.


Why don’t you try to extend the Delivery Time and put “Not Enough Information Provided” as a reason.
I had a client who purchased from me an express delivery and filled the requirement fields with some dots. I hate when this happens, because it is disrespectful to not follow the requirements questions.
However, I requested a delivery extension and he confirmed, afterwards he sent me all the information I needed.


Well he still need to approve cancellation in time :see_no_evil:
Jokes aside I think if your order is cancelled even if it’s late then it wouldn’t affect your “late” statistics”.
Though I might be wrong but I think one of my cancelled orders didn’t count late.

But I think I would’ve sent a cancellation request anyway if they don’t reply before deadline


Good idea. I will do that. Thank you. Well, the client need to approve my request as well but maybe this can help him to realise that he need to tell me something (the script or that he want to cancel the order). Let’s see what happens. Thank you for your suggestion.


Well, I have that idea too, but I wasn’t sure about it and that’s why I thought that would be better to ask at the forums. In that case, if the clock is late, the only thing that can happen is that the client can cancel the order right away, is that correct?

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I just found this at the Fiverr blog:

" What is a Late Delivery?

When an order is marked as Late, the seller missed the expected duration time to deliver. If 24 hours pass since the order is marked as Late, a seller is given a negative rating. The Late Deliveries indicator calculates the amount of late deliveries from all completed orders over the last 60 days.

Since Late Deliveries can bring down your ratings and result in unhappy buyers, sellers should make every effort to avoid them!"

Source: Avoiding Late Deliveries

So, I think that the best move here is to wait and see if the client answer to time extension request and if not, send a cancelation request, because it will affect my account anyway.

This is so disrespectful when clients do this. I already made a few changes to the requirements. Now my clients need to attach a file to be able to proceed for the next requirement. I hope this can solve most of part of the problems like this.


Based on the sheer amount of “Take as much time as you need!” and “No worries, I’ll send you all the information on Monday!” messages I’m getting a lot of buyers are completely unaware that there is even a timer that affects us.

I’m torn on whether fiverr should communicate this information better. On one hand, I’d love that. On the other, do we really need the site to inform buyers on quick and easy ways to screw a seller over?

In any case, I agree that you should try and extend the delivery deadline. I’d suggest for you to contact CS and cancel but given how support works these days, it probably won’t be too helpful.


Yes, I agree that clients may not be aware of that.

I will contact CS explaining this, but I’m not sure if they are going to answer on time. That’s why I asked the buyer to extend the time for 3 more days. If he doesn’t answer I will send a cancelation request. It’s better to have my account affected just at “Order Completion” and not both: “Order Completion” and “Delivery on Time”. Thank you so much for your input.

Thank you so much for your comment. I cannot assume that a client is not friendly just by that. I think it’s very disrespectful to simply not answer as I would never do that, but @lenasemenkova called to my attention that clients may not be aware that a late delivery can affect our performance on Fiverr. So, after realising that, I’m not going to judge this client personality because I never spoke with him and I have no idea why he is not answering. Maybe he can have a problem or maybe he is waiting for the script approval from his client (if he is reselling), I don’t know… Of course that it’s strange that a person simply don’t talk about it, but sometimes people don’t have the same communication skills that we do.

I already sent the time extention request, so, for not it’s done. I guess that depending on how things work this time I will think about that better and decide how to act if a situation like this happens in the future.


Time extension is perfect idea, I just noticed sometimes client just made order and not sure why they didn’t provide appropriate information to start working on their project but fiverr countdown started. Because they filled out that confirmation at fiverr that they provided enough information, in that case I have message client and sent time extension so it don’t’ effect any late delivery or cancellation.
Likewise you can complete that order without any stress.


Do not cancel!!! Why not delivery just one basic message saying something like “Please provide script to finish tuhi order”. If this customer just receive that it will make a “modification request” or maybe it will try to cancel. But here is the problem, if this customer cancel your order it will detroy your record, it will down your level by 3 months .
So conctact CS now!! Tell all this situation.

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Good decisions. Go for it. Hope it will be fine.

  1. Try sending a few messages asking about his missed details (in both inbox and order page).
  2. Ask him if he needs more time to proceed with his missing things.
  3. If he isn’t replying, send him a time extension request.
  4. Finally, contact Fiverr CS to cancel that order.

Never deliver that order, as you don’t have enough information to complete it. If the buyer doesn’t know about revisions, he will probably put a bad review as you haven’t delivered his expectations. As well as, there is a chance to get an “Incomplete delivery” warning if he reports.

Thank you!

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I thought of another option which is not as good as the previous ones. Since your buyer didn’t give you any information, it means you could interprete that as you wished. If he doesn’t cancel order or give you further requirements, why don’t you register yourself by reading a Sample text from the internet with the tone of your voice he requires. Then deliver that file and write him that based on his only requirements, you could only provide a sample with your voice tone and if he wants you to read a text, he must provide it by requesting a revision. In this way, you could avoid late delivery statistics, so there will be only 2 possibilities:

  1. He will provide you the text and you’ll be able to do your work without any late delivery
  2. He will cancel the order (but he would cancel the order anyways). In this case I guess that you have the risk of 1 star review.

And the BONUS possibility :D, he will not reply you and after 3 days your order will be marked as delivered.

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That is not allowed accordingly with the Terms and Conditions of Fiverr. It’s considered a fake delivery and I can receive a warning or lose my account because of that. Please make sure that are aware of TOS before giving an advice that it’s against the rules. Fortunately, I read the TOS, but some other person can take that suggestion and have problems because of that.

I did, already. I’m waithing for their response. :slight_smile:

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I will definately not do that. That’s not professional and it’s a variation of a fake delivery wich, once again, it’s against Fiverr TOS.

I don’t know what happen here. The client can be doing this on purpose or can be sick, I have no idea… Would you be happy if a Freelance would do that to you? That’s not ethical.

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Thank you for your comment. I tried to get some responde from the buyer like, 4 times now. He doesn’t answer. I sent time extension request and no answer. Since CS is taking so long to answer (last time I received an answer 8 days after) I sent a cancelation request and I hope that the client accept it.

Jokes a part. The fact is that it is really overwhelming that your statistics can slightly fall down because of a client like this.
I don’t know how cancellations work because I have never had the need to do one, but you could try to contact CS if they can directly cancel the order without necessarily becoming a late order.

It is bad and the sellers always see their rates going down with a situation like this. If it’s fair? I think not, but we cannot change it. Since SC is taking lots of time to answer I took the decision to ask a cancelation request because I prefer to have my order completion rate going down than both, order completion and delivered on time going down. In a normal situation I would wait for CS answer, but the truth is that I have no idea when they are going to answer me…

If you never had a situation like this my best advice to avoid it is to adjust your requirements in a way that buyers cannot harm you anyway.

Try to keep order by requesting extend time.