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Need your advice to improve my gigs and profile

Hello everybody! I need your golden advice on how to improve my gigs and profile. I do not receive any orders. I am so confused. Here is the link:
Thank you in advance.
Best wishes.

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There you go:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.

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Thank you for that. I have already read those articles. I just wanted to get a several words about my gigs and profile. Any comments and critique would help me lot.

Well, you already know that you have a great portfolio (and it’s not only a support to my fellow country man)

Your gigs are very well thought and descriptions are clear so I don’t thing you need to improve anything at this point in time.

However in your sticker gig it’s better to remove fiverr logo

Hi @gqstudio,

@mariashtelle1 is right.

However i think you should lessen the usage of the word “I” in your gig and focus more on “you” or “your”

An Example

BEFORE: I provide the vector source files (AI, EPS, PDF) with every package.
EDITED: You will be provided with the vector source files (AI, EPS, PDF) with every package.

It gives a feel for your potential client’s that you’re working on their project and their problems.

Thank you so much, colleagues! Your input is very much appreciated. Another thing is, that I do not see any buyer requests. This is a very rare thing for me on Fiverr. It maybe happens once in 2-3 days. Just few requests. Is it normal case?

It depends on your gigs’ sub-categories. But, in general, yes. It’s normal. Higher level sellers are able to see more buyer requests.

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