Need your help about my Fiverr gig


Hello Guys!

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Story of my Gig:

I had a very good reputation of my gig and received more than 680 positive reviews with 2 negative feedback (Due to late delivery) so everything was working very good and my gig was ranking on top of High rating page of “Logo design”. I had more than 120K impression per month from Fiverr search engine but about 2 months ago, My gig suddenly disappeared and from last 2 months i received only 2 order from my previous buyers which means, I didn’t receive any new order. I have already contacted with Fiverr Customer support about this issue but they say everything is OK, How can a gig with more than 120K impression come to only 300 impression?

Can you please check my gig and give me your ideas about how can i approve it?

Here is my gig URL

Thanks for your expensive Time