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Need your help badly!

Recent I made a new gig here but it didn’t show active here. Already opened a ticket here and also passed more than 1day but no one didn’t reply back to me here. What can I do? Day by day their support system is too bad. Never expected it here. Waiting for your best solution here.
Thanks, Ashik.

When you say here are you referring to Fiverr or the Forum? Because here we are all buyers and sellers. We are not customer service.


Hi there @imdashik33, pity you have to go through this. However, don’t forget that Fiverr has over 5 million members, and sometimes need to be patient before getting a response? There are thousands of people referring to the same questions as you do, every day. I think Fiverr managed their CS pretty well if you ask me. Just be patient and they will get back to you soon enough. Best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto


Sorry, Dear!!
I just talked about this marketplace support system. Because I’m new here.

Thanks… :star_struck: