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Need your help. give me some tips


Hi, friends.
How i get more active buyer requests to my fiverr account.?
please tell me some tips.


you need stay acive … it refreshes every 1 to 2 hours


I’m not sure what getting requests depend on but the fluxuate day to day on the amount that show up. One day there could be dozens, and one day there could be none. You just have to keep refreshing and checking! Just stay online and be active!


Buddy, I just saw this gig in your profile:

Not sure about the legality of this. I have a strong feeling that this is not allowed even if the software you are providing is legal.


you need to always active in fiverr.
and refresh every 5 to 10 minute


you need to active on fiveer atleast 2-3 hour refreshes.And keep active on your fiveer site.Although you can share your gig on social media too.


This is absolutely not true, particularly as the ‘show online’ filter hasn’t been working for a while. :wink:


yah you are right boss:innocent:


I think what you are asking is not about the buyer request, but how to land more clients actively. There are several ways to go about this. Here are 3 I would suggest for you:
1- Marketing
2- Copy
3- Proposals

For Marketing:
I would start by telling your friends and followers (on social media) about the services you offer, some might buy from you, but what you are trying to achieve here is reach, and that can be accomplished by having your friends share your gigs (if they want, don’t force them.) Which will help you boost your analytics online, as more links have been created for your page with each share.

Make your all your text is up to date and reflects your services, your personality and professionalism. This means no typos, and no google images. Invest in some good branding for your business, what you put in you get out.

Each buyer request you send must include information regarding your topic. Your process, and key elements that make you stand out from other sellers and your rates. Be personal and professional, talk to each individual buyer, don’t just send out a massive message.

Try these tips out and I assure you that your revenue will grow.
Peace and Love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


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