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Need your help.I want to get orders.I didn't get my 1st order yet


Please help me . am trying two month but i dont have any order

Hello, im new here, and ask

I’m guessing it is because your seller profile doesn’t even exist!


please check my gig then tell whats the reason sir


I am face same problem. Any body stay in the community he/she will see my gig and suggest specially what my problem?


I can’t see your gigs, it says it doesn’t exist @kabbo


Contact CS.
Your profile is not accessible. :frowning:

#8 please check this link


As a designer, You should use your own design:

not some Googled images.

Moreover, the description makes no sense either. :confused:
You just copied a gig, didn’t you?

Use your brain, make some gigs with your own ability.
Try to prove yourself unique. :slight_smile:

You can’t make money so easily as you think!

Clean everything and then start reading this section. :smile:

Work Hard!


thanks a lot brother . i understood my mistake


you can get orders by sending offers in buyer requests
In starting i done 6 to 7 orders by buyer requests:slight_smile:


Good Advise
Well Done

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