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Need your help, New Seller

Hello everyone,
Since I have opened my account, I did not get any order, no problem…
But I am continuously receiving messages from different accounts asking me for account creation on my name and they will use it, so what shall I do, how can I inform Fiverr?


Just block them or report them eventually they get banned, sometimes they even sound serious on the message and send you a word doc and inside the word doc it says that they will play you for creating and account etc etc. Just don’t fall for it and block.

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Thanks a lot for letting me know, I have blocked them just now, I thought it’s also a kind of service :roll_eyes:

I think there are services like social media account setups but since he was asking you to use your name and I bet it was for another freelance platform

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Exactly, not only once but several time they asked me to use my personal info for them, better do nothing than fake, hope so a genuine order will come soon as I am new and do not have any review on my profile so its not attracting buyers…