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Need your help - proofreading a google translation..?!


I know it would happen one day. It is today. u_u

A buyer come and ask me to proofread a french document that have been already translated by another translator on fiverr. He send me the french and english version. Ok, this is WORD FOR WORD a google translation of the text.

I think the buyer did it by himself. I propose translation for 300words/gig and proofreading for 1500words, so…

What can I do if he reject cancellation ? I NEVER had any bad rating and I don’t want to get one because of this ><'

Thank you… :slight_smile:


My service offers to proofread 1500 words, or translate 300 words : this seller just want to pay for the price of proofreading to get his translation in a correct french!. Google translation is really bad, the french thing he sent me is incomprehensible (I think everyone here have an idea of what google translation can do :slight_smile: )


this buyer*