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Need your help sellers? Wordpress seller Preffered


I started fiverr back in 2017 .I didn’t have any skill at that time so I learned some html css and wordpress and started working as time passes I became better in my skill and started making sales and got level 1 .Now I am pretty good in wordpress with css bugs fixes but not achieving anything no queries get an order after months through buyer request .I am missing something can someone help me what should I do to improve my profile and skills .
Here is link to my profile.


That’s because you are offering a service that is heavily saturated here on Fiverr (meaning, many, many people are selling this same exact service), and, if you are not receiving any buyer interest, then there is likely nothing that makes your services stand out from the hundreds of other people selling this same service.

If you want sales, you are going to have to stand out and be better than those hundreds of other sellers offering this highly diluted service.


I had a quick look at your gig and I can only confirm what Jon has said. Your gig simply won’t stand out.

  • Upload your custom designs to your portfolio
  • Rewrite your gig description and focus on the value you offer not what you do. An average buyer doesn’t even know what Divi is so focusing on it doesn’t help you much. Instead explain how you can add value to your client’s business.
  • Your gigs are all over the place. Pick a niche and focus on that.
  • Get rid of the unlimited revisions. There are plenty of posts explaining why this is a bad idea.
  • Your prices are way too low. For a serious buyer it looks as desperate attempt to get clients.

Keep reading this forum, update your gigs and good luck :wink:


Thanks for your response .I really appreciate your opinion .Can you help me regarding my gigs.I will be very thankful to you.


Thanks for your reply too.I also fell the same thing about my gigs but I attached the link to flickrr in profile description.Can you please help me with the gigs and how can I make a strong portfolio.?


I already gave you advice. Please take the time to follow what I have already told you.


So I need to improve my gig,quality of services or should I go for any other niche


You will have to figure that out on your own. It is YOUR business, after all.


Thanks for you advise.I’ll try figure the things.Thanks for your help


If you don’t get any orders, brainstorm until you find 10 things you can offer and offer 10 different gigs. We mostly discover what we are best at by trying. The ladder of success can be seen only one step at a time.

Post on buyers request daily and offer the maximum amount of gigs. That’s how I’ve got over my Fiverr blockage. Expand your skills, be open to learn and grow. Throw away any fixed ideas you might have.

I started here believing I will make a living writing plain old articles. Out of chance, I discovered that I can make big bucks as a translator and ghostwriter, and these are my main sources now.

The idea is that I am now making money with things I couldn’t imagine a year ago. I discovered what works best for me by constantly trying.

Of course, no one can tell you step by step what you can do to succeed, simply because what works for me might not work for you, and the other way around. Our business must mold our own persona. You can make money with almost any skill and talent you have. But if you don’t LOVE what you do, you won’t have the passion to grow and overcome difficulties.

Therefore, the nr. 1 ingredient for your success here is the passion for what you do.

> “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” Steve Jobs

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you brother :slight_smile: