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Need your help to get first order

I’m new, how to get first order?



Hi Mrinal!

I welcome you :heartbeat:

Here some basic and prime thing you have to do:

  1. Focus on your gig title and description, just simple say, what you will do for clients.

  2. Take the gig price for minimum and select 1 day fast delivery and Unlimited revision.

  3. As a new seller so, include a line “100% Refund Guarantee on your services if they are not final satisfy

  4. Stay online as possible for you, clients like to send message who are online.

  5. Create attractive and relevant gig cover photo.

Hope you will get a better result, thanks :v:


Great. I’ll follow your instruction.

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No, no, no! Do not do that! Set a limit on your revisions. There have been sellers who have come to the Forum and told how they have been asked for revisions for weeks. Set a limit of 2 to 5 and if the buyer wants more revisions, charge them for them.

I noticed that @wordpressdony offers two revisions on all of his gigs.

Fiverr does not work like that. You cannot give a buyer a refund. You can only cancel an order and that is a hit to your stats and makes it so you can not level up.

Every one needs to sleep. Even when I was a new seller I got orders when I am sleeping.

It would be in your best interest if you followed the advice in the threads below.

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