Need your help!


I have a lot of impressions but there are no buyers( Why?

The gigs listed below,

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

1.Resume writing services

2.Lead generation services

Looking forward to all of your hints, tips, clues etc.


Hello @recruitingeek,
Welcome to Fiverr. I just look your GIGs and profile, you are fill that good. Nice description, but you can check some advice from me on this link, which I wrote before few days on other Topic: How to get your fist gig on Fiverr
Wish you all the best in future, keep working hard and you will grow faster! :slight_smile:


thanks mate! :grinning:
I will go through SEO optimization and also create a video presentation I guess!


You are welcome!
If <ou could to create video presentation, that will be perfect for your promotion.