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Need your help


i have 100% positive reviews outstanding reviews from clients but not getting good orders

i am graphic designer and i want to work more and more but not getting orders kindly guide me thanks


A few things…I agree with @doubleu, you need to fix your writing. Why do you have all those odd CAPITALS in the middle of words like that?

Your gig title says:

I will do anY PhotoshoP Work iN 12 to 14 houRs for $5

it should be:

I will do any Photoshop work in 12 to 14 hours for $5

Fix this on all your gigs. A CAPITAL letter is only used at the beginning of a sentence.

Also, you have problems with your photos. When I click on the Photoshop gig, the photo is then cut off. That does not look good for a person that does any type of computer work, so try and fix the format. Also, you might want to take one or two of those samples and make it into it’s own photo so people can see it bigger.

Another thing is on your logo gig you have no real samples. You have two identical logo gigs, both with the same photo just different colors. On one of them you have one sample. You need more. Even if you make up some company names and create a logo, you have to have samples in your gigs in order to get sales.

What I would really suggest if you want more orders is three main things:

1 - take the suggestions in this thread here about you capitals and other things and fix them

2 - go research the top sellers for each gig you have. Find the sellers who have similar gigs, click on the top rated tab at the top and really study a handful of top ads. NOtice what kinds of photos they have, what they say in their profile and their gig description. If you want to stand out from all the rest, this will give you some ideas.

3 - give it time, it can take a few months to get some good sales going, but your gigs really need to stand out. Go search a little bit on google and read and learn about marketing in general. Just posting to Fiverr is not all it takes, there are many other things you can do.


Graphic design is a very competitive space here, and you’ve just joined last month so my advice is to just give it some time. It’s all about experimenting with your offer and making your service better, read the tips and advice here on the forum and start implementing it, see what works for you and what doesn’t. Keep an eye on the gig requests, and above all, always strive to blow away your customers with excellent service.

Edit: just a tip, but the caMel-cAse tyPiNg in your Gig titles look unprofessional. You might want to consider changing that.