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Need your opinion urgently!

Is 4.7 Stars rating, considered good or bad?

The buyer loves my work, but this was her first order with me and just for fun she putted a 4.7 star ratings. Now, in your opinion will you order any GIG which have 39 (5 star ratings), 2 (3 star ratings), and 1 (4.7 star). My overall rating is 4.9 out of 5.0.

If you were a buyer will you order that kind of gig?

(I do blog post writing). You can check my profile as well (same user ID)

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Seriously? I think you know the answer… but yes, of course people order from 4.9 / 5 rated sellers!

I’m curious… why do you think her rating was ‘just for fun’?


Here we go again. 4.7 is a good rating. It means your buyer was 94% satisfied.

Your overall rating of 4.9 means you have a 98% satisfaction rating overall.

98%… that’s nearly perfect. Seriously, that’s very good.


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The original topic one this is gone now. Just forget about it now @ahsan457

Man you need to relax and let it go. Fighting will only prolong it. Your previous post annoyed some people. BUT it will be forgotten by tomorrow most likely. Best advice I can give is to forget about it…

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Because 4.7 is 4.7 not 5.0,

I offered her discount, I was supposed to write 2700 words but I write 3200 words, I gave him the articles with all the premium tools and still she gave me 4.7 stars?

Do you think I deserves this? Even she liked my worked very well and she reorders my GIG

You asked if people would buy that gig. I said no and explained why.

Anyway, once a review is given, it can’t be changed unless it violates the rules, so there’s nothing you can do about it.

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Where did you lose the star? Communication or Recommend or Service as described?

Fiverr considers all 3*+ ratings positive. That’s how positive vs. negative ratings are filtered on sellers’ pages. This is the only perspective you need to concern yourself with as a seller.


Here is lose 1 Star even I gave him over count words. I don’t thin you kow about Grammarly Premium?

Wait, you’re now having a pop at me over grammar? Seriously…


I just want to say “May GOD Bless You and make you a top-rated seller from current Level.2!”

I will again visit your profile and check for your “Top-rated” badge :slight_smile:

Its an AI Grammar Checking software tool used by Content Writers. I was just telling you that I offered him Grammarly Premium passed article which subscription costs 30$ per moth

Ah, I understand :slight_smile:

Don’t stress it. A 4.7 is a great rating. I understand it’s annoying. But it’s still great.

Maybe they only wanted 2700 words and had to shorten the 3200 you provided. I don’t know. But anyway, it really doesn’t matter. Your profile still looks great.

Have you checked it? I checked yours, you offer coaching classes

Yes I checked it. They wrote a great review. Apart from maybe ‘long.’ But it’s still great.

My best selling gig is proofreading articles. Most of them are written by writers who do not have English as their first language.

I have found that Grammarly Premium does not find all of the errors and even corrects some errors incorrectly. If you are using Grammarly Premium and English is not your native tongue, you could be delivering content that is not written well by a native English speaker’s standards. Thus your score in “service as described.”

EDIT: I just looked at your gig. You promise 0% mistakes. I would be careful with that promise. A buyer could prove they found one error and then CS would let them cancel the order.

Also, in your article titled, Top 10 Rasberry Pi Projects, I found an error in grammar in the second sentence that I think Grammarly Premium would have caught. :thinking:

Edit # 2: Yep, I just typed the sentence into Grammarly Premium and it found the same error. Oh wow, as I read on I find many more errors. :grimacing:



Just wonder why this:

  • Don’t like? Cancel anytime!

in your Gig description. I have never seen such “call for action” :slight_smile: on Fiverr.

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Grammarly also doesn’t account for context, clarity or concisensess.

And it’s hardly reassuring to a client if you need a tool to tell you if grammar is wrong or right. If you’re charging money you need to be able to tell that yourself. That’s what people expect, not that you run it through a tool to try to figure that out.