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Need your opinions about my gig images

Hi there. I’m almost lvl 1 seller. :partying_face: I’m providing modeling & rendering services.

I’ve lots of impressions and clicks but fewer orders. I’ve optimized my gig with seo etc.

I’m actually wondering, what do you think about my gig images? Be realistic please.

Thanks all.

Nice job!

I think you have some incredible talent.

One small detail.

I would remove the word “only” in the phrase “For only $120…”

I think the word “only” makes you sound unsure of your prices.

By saying “For $120…” it sounds more firm.

I hope that makes sense.

It is a small detail.

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Avoid Frames into Frames , Squares into Squares in your Gig Image …

Thanks for kind words.

I couldn’t find “only” word there. It says “starting at…” I need to find it and change it cause it matters as you said.

Thank you. I’ll take care.

and give more information about your services in Description tab… It is very poor !

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Add now more information to the description.

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