Need your review - How is my new gig? Animation Video


I am not forcing or requesting anyone to buy it. Need your review about my new gig. Its the animation video.

here’s the gig link

Edit: Video approved. Thanks to OBG and Customer support


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no one interested? :frowning:


I’m trying to see it but the lack of Flash in my browser is not letting me see it.

Let me download flash


Just saw it! Aww, that’s so cute. Did you make the 3d rendering yourself?


Hey this is pretty good, but I don’t see why your video is not embedded into your gig, and I would also probably change the writing on the video and the talking to be less like the style of a letter and more like the style of a conversation.


Reply to @princemaxx: Using a paid software. I spent $700 on it. :confused: Hipe that I would make ayleast $1000 revenue from my new gig


Reply to @ehelper888: Ohh yeah! It was just a sample. And I tried twice but video didn’t approve by moderators.I Don’t excatly know the reason. Actually I am still learning. This is just a F grade sample I guess.


Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: Which one did you use? I use after effects, cinema 4d (rarely) and iMovie



Actually I used several services to design avatar, templates, voice overs…I just merge them together in after effects and made a rough animation. But I am not a msster at all. In other words, I just bought some scrips from a designer I know on some other site. Everytime I alter and mix some of them and make animation.


Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: Ahh! I see. :slight_smile:

Hope you get back more than you paid :wink:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:This is what i got,

"Unfortunately, your video did not pass our moderators review because Narration may only be performed by a real person…

We invite you to fix this issue and upload your video again for review."

But I saw some gigs which didn’t have any real narration. one of its kind is:

I am talking to support, hope it will get resolve.

Edit: Susan said that she as forwarded my request to editors. As I said to her about some other members having similar video. Let’s hope for the best. Speical thanks to you OBG :slight_smile: You always rock!


@sheikhsabayyal Wow your sample video in the link above is great man. Do you also make video on another language? I will collect your gig, just my suggestion, if you can not upload video gig in your gig, why you don’t give youtube lin in your sales letter so visitor can see another sample?

For example, if I become the visitor and I’m interested with your gig, maybe I will ask where is the video sample… just suggestion :slight_smile:


@sheikhsabayyal if you need gig promotion, you can see my promotion gig here if you are interested:


Reply to @sm_coverman: you can provide your custom voice to add in any language but should be high quality. . Currently I support,

American, British, Australian and some Indian accent as computer voice. And I’ll add more samples soon on youtube. Currently my video is under mod. consideration as I modified it according to fiverr’s policy after contacting support


Finally video added to the gig. Special thanks to @oldbittygrandma and customer support


Cute and a clean video ! Just trying to add some videos ( in a ppt form ) on my Gigs as well.

You can visit mine also and give me some suggestions to make it much better



Reply to @niche_links: I’ll check once I will get back to my lapi. Currently on mobile


Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: Sure take your time and let me know once you check it ! Thanks


Reply to @niche_links: I think you should come up in your video or atleast include your voice to better explain it. You can use my gig if you want to make video with animation+ your voice (or computer generated). Or you can use powerpoint presentation explaining more about it and some benefits