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Need your Serious Suggestions on my view point on fiverr

On seeing the current fiverr condition these days .I think fiverr should stop allowing new buyers to come in the field which is already much saturated.Only new highly classified peoples must be allowed with some exam or any thing must be taken before coming in this market place.Also the fiverr market is very imperfect market.New Sellers are coming and they are just selling the same thing which old seller is selling at a very low price.So their is no chance for the buyers to spend more money.Also the new sellers are copy pasting the things of the top sellers profiles and Gig Description which makes problem for the fiverr rating system to rank the buyers.Also if the fiverr will allow more professionals to work on their platform.It will increase the Trust of the buyers to buy the services from fiverr. Many sellers are nonprofessional their field is different they just take fiverr as a part time job.Which is making problems for the sellers which have spent many years on fiverr and not getting orders these days. What is your opinion peoples on this?

On the first glance I would agree with this especially seeing so many horrible gigs and copied profiles. BUT fiverr is not a dictatorship and they are willing to give a chance to everyone, even someone not so skilled or without huge experience but very talented also deserves a chance to be seen and earn.


As you are on the Fiverr platform suggest you do not mention other platforms by name.


I have different opinion of that platform. I found only cheap clients there and had to adjust to their budgets where here I can set up any price I want.

But anyway this topic is about fiverr. and I do believe that everyone deserves a chance but maybe there should be a work verification process in place on fiverr.


A basic English exam would see a significant percentage of new sellers banned. (If it was made mandatory.)

Fiverr will likely never ban sellers based on exams, etc. It would provoke outrage. However, Fiverr is following a similar plan to another freelance platform, by setting up localized marketplaces for specific areas. (The UK, Germany, United States.)

Looking at the forum, it would seem that the vast majority of daily new signups to Fiverr are not from these counties. - Despite these three countries (presumably) being where Fiver attracts the most clients,. In this case, it might be that Fiverr is tackling saturation via localization.

Another thing that causes ranking problems is having duplicate gigs. You have 6 gigs all offering whiteboard animation.

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