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Need your suggestion guys!

I am going to create a new Gigs related to backlinks. Can anyone suggest me which one will be effective out of these two Title ?

Improve Your Site’s SEO with 200 quality backlinks.

Help building quality 200 backlinks to your website.

Backlinks are completely pointless since Google tends to penalize websites that rely upon random untargeted backlinks to generate traffic. That, and purchased backlinks are usually a waste of money for buyers since those random links don’t generate any measureable amount of value or traffic.

I recommend looking for a different, more appropriate service to offer.

Yes, absolutely !!!

Thank you John, But here we will create and generate all the back-links manually by visiting to each profile with by sign up and then create the back-links by proper inserting of keyword, Landing page and anchor text .

We are not believing by using the any Tool to generate the back-links for our clients.

It doesn’t matter how you do this, those back links are still random and not at all targeted to the unique businesses your buyers are trying to build. You’re just selling random links. Google doesn’t like this, Fiverr doesn’t like this, and buyers here on Fiverr are likely to be disappointed in the fact that you cannot physically hope to match their traffic expectations (which I can guarantee you won’t).

Some people might even say that selling any kind of back links makes you (anyone) a “snake oil salesman”. Find something of value to offer. Back links on random websites have no value.