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Need your support to improve myself

am not getting any orders now. It’s a long time now :roll_eyes:


I’m a new user with no orders, so I can’t really help you. However, I do know it helps if you provide a link to your gigs so people don’t have to look for them to give advice. It also helps to ask specific questions so people have something to respond to.

Now you can do the following things. I hope that these will help.

Be active on Fiverr & Forum also.
Share your gig on social media but do not cross the limit.
Send offer to buyer requests regularly.

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BAD advice. I notice you are giving this list of things to do to get orders in all your responses here. You are new and have only 2 hours of read time on the forum. It might behoove you to read more of the forum so you are not parroting bad advice that other newbies who think posting in the forum will get them orders do.

As for the OP - the two things that are in RED on your account are for the most part, under your control. At least, the delivering on time. Looks like you have only 67% there - that means, either you do not have a lot of orders to offset one late delivery or, you have a habit of delivering late. As for the completion rate, that can harm even the best seller here IF you are receiving orders from people who either figure out they made a mistake ordering; you realize you cannot do the work or the buyer decides they didn’t like your work and cancel.

Only thing you can do is get those two things back up - which may be a real uphill climb as you probably cannot answer any Buyer’s Request at this point.

Why did your completion rate and on time delivery plummet and take such a hard hit?



Thank you very much. It’s all in my hand get things back on track

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If you are active on the forum it won’t generate any extra sales. The only activity you can have on Fiverr is to be online and try to respond as soon to your messages.

If you don’t have a major following it won’t work.

This could work, but most buyer requests are just looking for free stuff or a lot of work for $5.

Doing this could get you marked as a spammer. Most likely if your client enjoyed working with you in the past and will need the same service again, it will contact you again.


Well, you clearly have a problem delivering on time and canceling orders. To make sure you don’t get cancelation request make sure you include every information possible in your FAQ, gig description and you can also upload a PDF to write even more stuff about your service, also increase your delivery time.

Yes I mean that. …