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Need your valuable Suggestion to improve my gig


Hi .
i am a new buddy at fiverr and i have no any idea about how i get work at FIVERR but i need work BAdly. I am Persistence to work hard but could not Get work here Why?

i Request from FIVERRians to please suggest me to how did i get work and also request them to please suggest me to improve My gig .

i am Very much thankful to them.
Here is the Quick link of my GIG


Care to provide a link to it?


Can You plz suggest me how to link my gig at the FOrum.


You just have to copy your Gig’s URL into the forum’s text box. Here’s a link to it for anybody that wants to look at it and evaluate it:

A quick tip from me: Try to correct orthographic errors in your description (such as random capitalisation and inconsistent spacing). I think most buyers will be looking for an assistant who can produce work that’s ready to go.


Thank for your valuable suggestion.