Need your valuable suggestions


how can I get more impressions?? I’m not getting enough impressions even I’m updating my gigs regularly… I need your valuable suggestion :slight_smile:


Share it on social media such as fb twiter. Instigram


ahaaan thank you, anything else??


Hello @sam_choudhary
Just follow what @armanikamran said. You can also share your gigs on different social profiles besides Facebook, Twitter, Instagra. Like Google+, that seems the best place to get sales to me. The more you share your gigs there, the better you get the results.

Thanks much


Nothing if u have then share


@minahmmas thank you, i’ll share :blush:


you welcome
today i am so dis hurted because did not got an order again


what about your status


i got second order & working on it…


oh congrate dear i did not got still from one month i hope to get an order but i dont know what is the problem in my account


how much order you have completed ?


recently i have i created my fiver account before one month did not have an offer to work on it yet but try hard


by the way you are so lucky which kind of project you completed and doing second one


send a proposal to buyer requests regularly.


buyer are not display in my wall how to send them proposal


once i got my first order and 5 star review then every thing will be goes right


The patience is the key. Look for other people’s way of work in order to improve your work. It will only get better :slight_smile:


thanks your patience


Please use “Buyer Requests” option which is under “Selling” menu to find jobs. Don’t post what you are doing there. That is violation of TOS.


thanks so much i did not got it that is voilation after that i will not posting like this
bundle of thanks