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Need YouTube Subscribers Supplier


Prior to recent changes YouTube made, I was purchasing about $100 worth of YouTube subscribers per day. I would like to resume that business, but need to find someone who can reliably and promptly deliver subscribers that will stick.

Does anyone know of a supplier or source that can provide YouTube subscribers at this time? Thank you.

You do realize that it is against the rules of Youtube to buy subscribers, right?

While there are still some on Fiverr that sell it, they no longer come up in searches because it’s against the rules of YouTube. It’s getting harder and harder to cheat. Youtube is cracking down on it. You risk getting your yotuube page shut down, you do realize that right?


Thank you very much for your response. I am fully aware of everything occurring with YouTube. I have been in this business for over 4 years and have seen first hand the various cycles they have gone through.

Upon speaking with an executive at Google, I recently learned that they are not trying to shut down accounts for purchasing subscribers, but instead are just trying to erase subscribers earned through exchanges. They will not shut down your account for doing this. They never have to date. Accounts get shut down for other reasons.

So, I am just looking for a supplier who can indeed deliver them right now. Subscribers are being delivered and then erased 24 hours later due to YouTube’s new algorithm for preventing exchanges like likesplanet, addmefast, etc. from working.

Is there anyone who can deliver them properly at the moment? Thank you.

This is not the place to post a buyer request, you can go to your settings which is in your dashboard and post your request via that menu drop down item. There is no place to do that in the discussion forums.

Let us know if you actually find anyone and if the subscribers end up being legit. And where you were buying your services from before? Why aren’t you going back to that resource?

OK thank you for letting me know. I will post this elsewhere and will re-post here if I find someone.

Prior, I was purchasing my subscribers through a seller on Fiverr, but he is no longer able to provide them, so I am looking for someone new.

Thank you.

Reply to @ablazz: yes, and why do you think that is? Meaning why is your prior Fiverr seller no longer able to provide them to you?