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Needed Feedback Removal Tip

please reply this query when you’re free.

I was working with a client, he din’t order me first. When he saw work has been done and asked me to send an offer to him. I did.

But when i submitted the order, he immediately accepted the order giving 1star feedback. I requested to change the feedback. Then he declined

I contacted Fiverr support : Got no reply

I contacted the buyer, he said send me the order cancelation request for sake of getting feedback down. But i couldn’t do so because order was completed previously.

Now i requested him to contact customer support, I just got the notification “Fiverr Customer Support canceled your order” but now the problem is, the feedback still there.

Fiver won’t take it down even they canceled the order?

No, they won’t, and trying to trade a refund for a feedback removal is forbidden by the Terms of Service.

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I really feel like laughing but I won’t. Them dayz where you could issue a refund in exchange for feedback removal are dead and gone.


Please be mindful of where you post, this issue is not appropriate for Report a Bug. :bug:
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