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Needed Help

I have 2 sales. Now, what can I do for more sales? Please suggest me…

First I would recommend using your own profile pic instead of a celebrity picture. You only have 1 gig. Consider adding some other gigs to your profile. Maybe you have some other talents or services you could offer? You can check buyer requests or promote your profile on social media. Best of luck!!

Aside from what Annai80 pointed out, your gig title does not read clearly — people cannot understand what you sell at a glance unless they were already looking specifically for what you’re selling. You should probably try to make your title catered more to the average user.

Even when you do get clicks, your gig description does not do a great job of explaining what you will do for the money the buyers will have to hand over. If you make your description clearer (or find someone skilled with English who can help you do that), you’ll probably make a more favorable impression on the people who view your gig.