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Needed new saller


Hello everyone

I need a new seller for done my some orders. I have more order. I need done my order by other seller via fiverr. I can give 6 logos to convert vector to only 5$. Is that legal on fiverr?



yes i think its legal on fiver because buyer need a good quality work it doesn’t matter how you do he just want professional work from you and it depends on you how you do…


Thank you. I will delivery final after recheck by me.


In addition to what @designernoor said, keep in mind that you should respect the terms of the seller you want to hire (their price, delivery time, number of revisions they offer).


okay.Thank you! I have a seller he like done my orders via fiverr. He said 5$ for 6 logos and working on 24/7


But now I think not good idea to me.


I did limit orders of my account so I think done by other sellers


I am sorry for ENGLISH