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Needed Sales Reports for Fiverr Sellers

  1. a quick way to see all my past sales for each gig. Right now, it is only by date
  2. a date range where I can see sales for any month, year, or selected date range.
  3. a buyer specific sales report, broken down by total sales for all our buyers

    That’s all I can think of now. Are there any needed sales reports that I missed?

Nice tutorial and an export to .xls would be a great addition to the Seller Dashboard.

arnevb said: Exactly, I've bee missing these features as well!

Me too. There is no way for sellers to be organized yet.

I actually created a video ages ago detailing how to view orders for a specific gig. I apologise for the sound, I used to use the inbuilt mic (terrible I know!)

Reply to @twistedweb123: I’ve used the ‘user_username_is’ myself for a few years now, but I never knew you could see orders for a specific gig, too - awesome share, man, thanks!

I wish Fiverr would have published an API 8-> I mean, APIs are everywhere nowadays, but not on fiverr, which is such a famous site…

Reply to @twistedweb123: This is a great tutorial. I need to share this.


@twistedweb123: I tried it and it did not work. I entered this:[gig_id]=GIGID and it did not work. What am I doing wrong?

  • an export feature to export them as .xlm or .pdf or any other format?

Reply to @princemaxx: Yes, we need export feature for sure. PDF, XLM (I think you mean XML?)

jeffmoses said: Nice tutorial and an export to .xls would be a great addition to the Seller Dashboard.

Yes, it's all about the tutorials. We need tutorials, exports, and more reports to organize our sales.

It’s more about us sellers keeping organized. No chance of that yet, other than by date.

I’m so with you on this Bruce! I’ve been using Microsoft Access to keep track of past customers/orders. I add new ones to the database as they come in, but I still have a lot more past records I need to enter. It’s tedious but much needed for what I do. I actually shared the file with a fellow seller on here. If anyone wants it as well, just message me; I’ll be happy to share it. :slight_smile:

Reply to @musiclover: well, I would definitely love it :smiley: I, myself, use Excel to keep track, but I always wanted to try using Access…

Reply to @musiclover: I was a big MS Access guru back in the day when I was programming classic ASP, but I do not have Access anymore. I will wait for Fiverr to add their reports :wink:

hotwebideas said: XLM (I think you mean XML?)

I meant .xls, well .xlm makes sense too. Ha ha


sandra4service said: HAT WOULD BE FINE IF ADDED.

Yes it would be.

Reply to @seldomstatic: Thanks, I will try this.

I really am feeling the need for the “date range” sales report. My business has been growing a ton but I am finding myself not even being able to see how much it’s changed from month to month. In addition, it’s going to be really irritating when it comes to doing my taxes!

Reply to @robinoo: Date ranges are important.