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Needing constructive critique on how I can improve my gigs

Hi, guys! I could use some help to improve my three gigs. I’m in a competitive category, and I’m at my wit’s end trying to gain more buyers.

I’ve worked on my profile by adding skills and taking online courses to earn certificates so that I increase my credibility.

Next, I rewrote my gigs’ descriptions and my bio, and took newer photographs to better represent the services that I offer.

If there’s anything that you see that you think I can improve on or do better, your constructive criticism and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Profile: maegan_bertrand
Link to first gig:


Hi Maegan,

I feel your gig looks extremely well-presented and professional. Very intriguing and compelling with a well-considered presentation and good variety between gig levels.

The only thing that would improve it for me is that as I have never had a tarot reading (and had no awareness of cartomancy), I’m a bit confused about the very basics.

E.g. how cards are chosen. For example, are cards picked by you at random? Does the psychic connection between you and me determine the cards chosen/interpretations, etc.

Also, what information do I need to give you–do I give a question or…

People who already have bought such services would have a better understanding of it, and I’d like to understand it better as a newcomer so that it entices me into your gig to make a purchase.

It’s a challenge as there is limited potential to describe what tarot is and how it works given that gig descriptions have to be short. But could a link be used to where there is a good ‘in a nutshell’ write-up that would help us understand? (or are links not allowed, I do not know).

I am seriously considering buying from you and it would not take much to sell me one, ha. These questions are quite specific but what I was trying to convey is that newcomers may need more basic info before they commit to buying, even if tempted. :slight_smile:


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Thank you for looking over my gigs and giving such great feedback, Annie! I apologize for my late reply. You make excellent points about attracting new customers who may not have had a reading before :green_heart:.

I have thought about making a short video to add to my gigs explaining a little about readings, and demonstrating a part of my process. The only thing that is stopping me is that I don’t have the set-up to create professional quality videos ( my tablet is sub-par in the video department., and my digital camera is 15 years old lol). However, I am hoping to acquire a hand-me-down camera before December, one that’s at least 10 years newer, so I will have that option.

I considered another reason for adding a video, and that is it will show me demonstrating the service I provide, and allow the potential customer to see me as a person. In my experience, people who are looking for a reading like to relate to the reader and like to feel like they can trust that person with their questions and personal details.

That said, until I am able to implement any videos, I can add more about Tarot and cartomancy in general to my FAQ sections, as well as provide a short description on how I perform readings :slightly_smiling_face:. I also don’t know if outside links on a Fiverr gig are allowed :thinking: ??

I agree, the word limit in the gig description doesn’t give us alot of wiggle room! At first, I tried to include ordering instructions, but quickly hit the limit, so instead I added those details in the requirements section of the order page. They are written as follows:

“In the order field, please give your name, and specify whether you want a general reading that covers your situation as a whole - or- if you have a specific question you want me to focus on. I will deliver your written reading straight to your inbox photos of the cards included.”

You have given me alot of great critique to work with! Thank you again for replying!


I’ve edited my FAQ section to (hopefully!) reflect your suggestions, Annie! I also added in the description that the information I need for delivering a reading can be found in the FAQ, then entered on the order page- that word limit is a bummer :grimacing: !!

I’m feeling way better about attracting new customers now!! You’ve been a big help :gift_heart:!

Gigs updated!

Morning from Nevada :innocent:! Thanks to the great critique I received on this thread, and after some brainstorming on my part, I found a way to add more information about Tarot and cartomancy reading to my gig for those that may not be familiar with divination.

Instead of overloading my FAQ section, I created a 2 page file that I’ve added to my gig’s photo gallery with 3 sections about what divination is, some history on Tarot and what people can expect when they order a reading from me.

I’d really appreciate it if I could get feedback on this file, maybe my wording can be simplified, changed, or something can be added or subtracted for clarity. Thanks in advance :sunflower:!!!

Link to first gig:

In the .pdf says “I deliver your typed reading to your Fiverr inbox…”. I’d reword that as it should be delivered on the order page rather than to the inbox.

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Thank you so much for the feedback, I’ll use that change!

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After all the work I’ve done on my gigs, like updating my descriptions and adding the file, I think now I need a more professional profile photo. I have a large, white surface that I can use as a backdrop, and I’ll do something about the wonky lighting :crazy_face:. I take very few photos of myself, but I really want my profile to match the quality I feel I’ve put into my gigs.