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Needing experts help


Hello! Hope you are having an amazing day!
My gig is getting a lot of impressions, views and click but no sales :frowning_face: I think it might be something about my gig description. I am a new seller and that is why I need your help. I would really appreciate if you could help me. Suggestions are very well welcomed.

My gig

Thank you so much!!

  1. You have several spelling, punctuation and grammar errors in your video.

  2. You are using Powtoon and don’t appear to have the license that allows for commercial use. How do I know this? Because you have the Powtoon watermark in your video and the resolution is low. You only get the high resolution in the memberships with the appropriate licenses for commercial use and resale.

This is theft. Buyers know that and are suspicious of sellers who engage in unethical practices. If you don’t have a license to use a video for commercial use, either don’t use it for commercial use or buy the license.

  1. Low resolution video is really off-putting and unprofessional.

  2. You also say things in your video and Profile page that are unsubstantiated and simply not credible. “With a website, your business becomes viral and gets a global exposure.” No it doesn’t. Don’t make things up to make your gig look attractive. It’s unethical and buyers see right through it.

  3. You aren’t showing proof of your skills anywhere in this gig. There are no certifications, no measurable proof of results, no demonstration of expertise. Many sellers do have all of those things, so why would a buyer choose you over someone with demonstrated qualifications and skills?

  4. The services you are offering are very competitive here on Fiverr.


And to add for everything above said by @humanissocial you also don’t have examples of the websites that you created. People want to see what they are buying and if your style corresponds with theirs.


Excellent point.

No one wants to buy something when they have no idea what they’re buying. Anyone can say that they’re the best, but the proof is in the work.


I have made some changes, can you check it now? Thank you so much!!!


Thank you. It helps me a lot :heart: