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Needing help with a Logo

Is it possible to request a logo and just pick the best one? instead of having to go to each gig? If your interested in helping me then you can make a logo up and I pay that way? I have paid for a logo… finding it looks similar to ones already on google. I want unique… I want to stand out… :(( Please be easy on me as I am new to this. Thank you.

At $5 a pop it’s going to be super tough for you to make a deal like this. If you have a higher budget, someone might take a risk on you by making you a few logos without pay and letting you pick one. However, for that to be worth their time they’d have to charge you quite a bit more and they are taking a big risk that you won’t buy anything in the end.

What would be smarter for you and sellers is to find a few (maybe 5) sellers who are fairly new and can make a low cost deal. Look for people who communicate well, have examples in their portfolio that they made themselves and don’t show up elsewhere online. Then give each of them $5 to make you their best unique logo. Rate all of them well for their time and you have a decent change of getting a nice basic logo for $25 in all. It’s a risk for you too because you might not like any of them. At these kind of prices, though, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room.

Very understandable. Thank you. Will try the route you suggested. Thank you again for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile: