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Needing more info from a Buyer Request


If someone doesn’t list the script that they want (or other info that you think is missing), what is the proper way to get that info? The only way I see is to send an offer and ask questions.


That’s pretty much what I do when the request is vague. If they respond back with necessary details then I’ll send a quote.


So you send a 2nd quote?


It’s difficult to send an offer without knowing the full projects scope however given that you offer voice over services, you can simply send them a quote for 100 words for “x” amount of dollars! You can’t really go wrong!

In my case, every client and project price and specs differ which is why I can’t send a quote without knowing what the project is about!



I don’t send offers to requests I don’t understand or that I’m not clear with because on the long run the buyer might choose your offer and you end up wasting you time or even getting a bad review. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, I am also not send request.


What I do is, I send them an offer with my basic price and then tell them to contact me before ordering, incase they order before submitting all the information for review I would send them an extra if the information exceeds the basic price