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Needing to click Switch to Buyer on new dashboard (but you're 100% selling)


Is anyone using the new dashboard still needing to click “switch to buyer” multiple times per day when you’re not doing any buyer activity, only seller activity?

If so, have you noticed what is happening before your dashboard changes to “switch to buyer” or what you’ve clicked on prior to make that happen?

It seems frustratingly random for me, so just wondering if anyone else had noticed any patterns to it happening.


@sue_mcl, I am also facing same problem from couple of weeks.


I am using messages when I have to click on “switch to selling” and usually I only use messages and orders pages-- the page that lists orders, not the orders page with the big icons either- so I am constantly clicking on that. I am not in a buying mode ever

So many times each day first I look at messages, the click on “switch to selling” then click on “orders” then click on the other orders page to see just the list of orders.

I wish I could just switch from messages to the orders list back and forth with one click instead of three.

I’m here a lot and spend lots of time on this site and this is needlessly annoying.


In my programming experience, It should save a user STATE. If someone “switched to selling” it should remain there until or unless user switch it back to different state.


Thanks everyone for replying, if anyone else has issues with this, please add it to the thread, hopefully fiverr can get it resolved! :slight_smile:


Hey all,

Wanted to update you:
We improved the Selling Navigation experience, so it will be clearer and smoother!
Including saving your last state as a default (so next time you’ll visit you will land in your dashboard).
I’ll be happy to hear your feedback,


Home Page is not working

Hi, that’s great, seems to work for me with messages now (not having to switch back to Selling Mode), really glad that’s fixed!

When I go into the Settings though, I get switched to Buying Mode.
It doesn’t seem to save Selling Mode as default there; when I click “Switch to Selling”, I’m redirected to my Dashboard and switched into Selling Mode but next time I enter the Settings, I’m back in Buying Mode.
No real problem, I use the Settings only for going on/offline and that’s faster via the app anyway (slider button vs 3 or 4 clicks). Just an observation, in case you want to check.


I introduced a friend to Fieverr and she was disappointed by the the seller two times. the first one the guy promise to do the work when it was left with a day to deliver, my friend just realised that she cannot contact the seller anymore and fiverr did not refund her all her money.

She contacted another seller who promised to do a good job and he ask for a period of two weeks to complete the job , this new seller asked for an extensions of 3 days after the delivery date is past , the extensions was granted by the buyer. To the surprise of the buyer the seller asked the buyer to cancel the order because he is not in position to do the work. Now my friend feels so disappointed and does not know what what to do. what can fiverr do to save the situation. I seriously need your help because my friend is let down. please help


I don’t understand your issues since the website keeps in memory if I’m on the seller page or on the buyer page. So I don’t need to switch so many times. It’s functional for me.


This is an old post (from December last year) and that issue has now been resolved


This doesn’t really have anything to do with this particular site bug. If your friend has issues with a seller and not getting a refund they were due, their best bet is to contact customer service. If they are having a problem finding a quality seller, perhaps they should find a seller to do a small job for them first to get some confidence they will be able to do the job before giving them a larger job. If you need further advice I recommend to post your own new post, rather that leave a comment on an unrelated two month old post.

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Issue has been resolved