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Needing to Verify ID

So, I don’t usually like to talk about personal things, but my mom has this issue with me getting a job (please keep in mind that I am 18). She took my driver’s license because we are updating it tomorrow, so I can’t really ask for it. Once I get verified for my new license, they will punch holes into my old one. Will the holes cause problems with reading my ID for the Fiverr verification (I’m assuming they will)? Thank you.


You are lucky they just punch holes in your old driver’s license.

Here, you forfeit the old one and carry a paper document for ten days or so until your new DL arrives in the mail.

I know that doesn’t answer your question.

If I were you, I’d float that past the Fiverr CS to see if they will be able to accept your hole-filled DL.


Thank you for your help!


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Why can’t you simply use your new, updated license?
Unfortunately, I would assume the holes would cause a problem as it wouldn’t be a valid ID anymore.

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It will be several weeks before it comes, and by then Fiverr will keep me from receiving orders.
Edit: Also, I contacted CS and they’re letting me use the ID with the holes, thank goodness.