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Needs help from sellers


Hello Sellers

Please I need your help with this.
A seller purchased my gig. However, he is yet to drop the details. Out of 24 hrs it’s saying it remains 16 hours. Is the time really counting? Or that’s just a problem with the fiverr app. Please comment if you have experienced this before.


its its happening, will you please go to resolution center and ask for more time that it will not effect your gigs. Please contact seller


When you say he is yet to provide you details, what did the seller fill out in the Requirements section of the order?


Are you sure you have the order requirements set to “mandatory”? If not, that’s probably why. Please ensure that it is set to mandatory (to do this, you need to go to the editing section of your gig and go to the order requirements tab).

I also do not open the orders page until I get an e-mail confirmation saying that the order requirements have been submitted. I’ve heard that doing so before the buyer sends the order requirements can set the order timer off, too.


The order is still waiting for requirements


Thank you very much @hanshuber16


The order is not yet part of the new orders. It is waiting for requirements


As dijatul has already mentioned, you could request for an extension of the deadline (via the resolution center) until the buyer responds to the request and is able to submit the order requirements.

However, since the order has less than 24 hours remaining, I’d contact CS ASAP and request for a cancellation (I’d also request CS to cancel it without it affecting the order completion % considering it was not the seller’s fault; although there’s no guarantee they’d be able to do that, it’s at least worth a shot).


If you’re still waiting for requirements, as your screenshot showed (waiting for details), your gig timer won’t have started, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

You could ask for a time extension if the buyer had sent you some details but not enough to get on. However, as they haven’t entered any requirements yet you don’t need to do that, or indeed cancel your order. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much @merciavideo I really appreciate you and every other seller that tried to help.