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Needs info regarding violations


Hello community i want to know that do violations count for 60 days or they are counted for entire live of your account. For example if someone has committed a violation 2 month back does it counts after 4 months as well?.


For the violation is is usually for 60 days according to new Fiverr rating system


If we’re talking about levels, I guess it’s 60 days. However, repeat offenders can get permanently banned, even if it was more than 2 months between the violations.


If the violation is a major one you can get banned immediately.

It looks like starting in January even a minor one will cause your level to go down.

Is using a word in a message like “pay” or “contact information” a violation if the words are used innocently?


Thank you everyone for providing information.


I will never Advice to violate the TOS, if is done by mistake and it is a minor one you can get away with small penalty, but if it is major, you loose your account, without any explanation .


I got it for 30 days.I violated something by mistake but Thanks to fiverr now it is removed.