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NEFARIOUS Goings-On At The Fiverr "Help" Center *~~EXPOSÉ~~*


Yes, I have uncovered a dastardly PLOT lying at the very heart of one of Fiverr’s most treasured institutions.

Unless I had seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it; that this genteel marketplace where buyers and sellers exchange services could fall foul of such darn-ed DECEPTION!

Indeed, my fellow Fiverr users, I have stumbled upon a web of filth, upon which is built a house of lies!

Or, maybe I just need to reset my cookie jar as the nice man at Customer Support said. And yes guys, that was totally clickbait, and you loved every minute of it. Regretably though, my expose is quite boring without a bit of sexing up.

So, remember that revision request from last night? It seems that this buyer thinks that the first delivery is a draft only, and that once that’s gone through, you do countless full re-edits and all that :rolling_eyes:.

So I went to collect some CS help center ammo to re-educate him. You’d think this page is really useful, wouldn’t you?

Click that link: do you see the page you’re meant to, or oops! You’re not authorized to access this page. Take me back to the home page.?

You should see this (Google cache):


Alright, this is pretty simple.

I was contacting CS about this guy anyway, so I mentioned this error and got the usual clear out your cookies etc. They also said that they could see the page just fine, so it was me and my computer :frowning: :sweat::confounded::persevere:

But the thing is, I don’t think this is me and my cookies. So, this is a bit of a poll really. Does the first link work for you? And if it’s not working, why?

#I think a change to the revision policy may be afoot! I may also be completely wrong but whatever.

The End.

EDIT: convenient poll added courtesy of Blaise. You can also fill his down below (praising my awesome clickbait, of course)

  • It’s a conspiracy, I can’t access the page!
  • I don’t know what you’re talking about
  • I am an idiot

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Nope first link says

You’re not authorized to access this page
Take me back to the home page


Not working for me either @emmaki

But I read the article and I don’t see nay change in policy.

Isn’t that pretty much what is in effect today?


I’m with the others - not working.

There seems to be a great deal of bugs and cruds going around lately.

Poor Fiverr, so sick lately. :mask: I could make some soothing tea. :tea:

  • The link works
  • The link doesn’t work
  • The clickbait worked best of all!

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Thanks Blaise! I don’t actually know how to make a poll :confused:


Dear Emmaki:

I don’t actually know how to find your posts on Image-Jer. Will you please help me with that?

Thank you,


Oooooohhhhhh. I should add a poll to the top now then. Who knew it was so simple?!

That is relatively simple, but you need to find the gig where my dear client was not 100% satisfied. One could say her lack of satisfaction was somewhat biographical.

Also, I’m pretty sure it’s “im-jur”. Or perhaps “im-gurr”


The link didn’t work for me, so I answered the Blaise poll accurately. However, I really liked the option to be an idiot in your poll, so I utilized that one too.


Green tea should help.



I find that a deeply unsatisfying and deliberately provocative explanation that does not address the issue to hand at all!

Much like the Request Revision page in its current inaccessible form.


It´s a conspiracy all right, I can´t access the page. But I can´t work out what Blaise tries to code with that imgur stuff…


I can see it fine. I still have cookies.


There’s a whole lot of stuff over at articles that IS HIDDEN FROM ME! WHAT DO THEY NOT WANT ME TO KNOW!?


Random unrelated poll:

Pick one of the following, five, structures.
The vote of course, as behooves a thread of this nefariousness, is not public.

  • Minas Tirith, all new and shiny
  • A treehouse in Lothlorien, with endless but elegant corkscrew stairs.
  • One of The Two Towers
  • The other of The Two Towers
  • I hate all manmade structures - woods, caves, other.

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