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Negative account balance


Hello :slight_smile:

I have been working on fiverr for many consecutive months without problems and order cancellations and it still continues, but with the beginning of the new month I saw my account balance on my profile to go into negatives - it was -4 and now is -8 without me cancelling any orders or withdrawing money. Is it a bug? 123


Hey! I have exactly the same problem, at some point my balance was -8. And now I closed some order, and instead of real income, it shows less money. I wrote to support, let’s see what they will answer.


I also have this issue in the beginning of month, it was -12$, and i was thinking this is a bug, after some days i got an order of 50$, and done and it added 40$ to my account. But the previous 12$ is not showing, it say, total earned in february is 40$, where is my previous 12$?? what is rubbish that, even no order cancel, no warning no issue, but i see in earning, it has cleared fund. but not showing in February earning.


Ignore it. For the past few weeks, this stat has been completely off. Look at your earnings page for more accurate numbers.


But its not added in my account and available balance. but in Earning page, there is cleared funds. but after that not added in available balance also not in dashboard’s February earning.


Just ignore the dashboard earnings completely for the time being.


I ignored it, but still not added in available balance, how we can ignore? if it available balance then was ok, but not there also,


I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.


It actually sound right. At least with how you described it. -12$ was a big. You had an order for 50$ from which you get 40$ after commission. Which was added in your account. 0$ to start with + 40$ you earned = 40$
They didn’t discount those 12$ from your earnings, otherwise it would’ve been showing 28$ in your earned page.
Another thing for you to consider is that funds are not immidiately added to your available to withdraw balance, it takes 14 days for them to clear (and if you had this job at the beginning of Feb it still wasn’t 14 days)


Oh, Sorry i got it, the 15$ order after comission its 12$ has been completed in January 18, and added in January but cleared on 2 February, so actually earned in February is only 40$ that is completed in February. thank you