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Negative Balance :(

This is my first time ever having this happen. A massive rush order that came in during spring break ( April ) has just been reversed and leaves me with a negative balance of over $60. ( $40 was already taken out ) And of course – bills are due Friday and with the incoming clearing being close to that amount – I’m going to be broke and have to hope something turns around. I hate this. :frowning: It’s depressing .

Why does this stuff keep happening to me? Can someone check if there is a cancel me sign behind my back? Because there might be!

If a buyer attempts to cancel an order, you will receive notification from Fiverr about the dispute. Are you receiving them? If not, you need to check your mail settings to find out why CS messages are not coming through to you. You have the chance to respond to those cancellations if it is after delivery and payment.