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Negative Comment but Still a Thumbs Up!


I had two buyers in a row not like my service that I delivered to them. When they left feedback, they left a not-so positive comment, but still gave me a thumbs up. I am very appreciative of this, and count myself lucky!

You don’t always get buyers like that, but when you do, it’s a HUGE sigh of relief!

Have you ever had a buyer like this? Share your story.


I’ve had a couple of those myself. Don’t really understand the logic behind it, but like you I breath a sigh and relief and count my blessings. It actually is OK because first it doesnt hurt your rankings and second, I dont think most people read the comments. I think they just look at the thumbs up vs down and go by that.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: I just take it as although they didn’t exactly like my service, I did my best and maybe they seen that.


Yea, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I have a couple that have said “Great service, but not what I was looking for”. What can you do with that? Not much. I had another guy that used my gig to plug his in the comments. Gave me a thumgs up, then says “You didnt cover XYZ which I prefer to do” then I looked him up and guess what, he does XYZ as gigs.


what i had is actually funny cos it ends up good, i had the flu H1N1 well long story slows me really down i had this customer i apologize to him and to and everything… very comprehensive and all but next day i wake up to check what in the? a thumb down! and he talked nice to me i asked the guy why he said he thought i asked him to cancel haha… i said no he said sorry but ill order back from you again well i said cool but it affected me negatively i contacted the customer service and they took it off…