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Negative effects on editing gig

I have created a new Gig. It was on the eleventh page in the search result. But after editing this gig three times at once it went away on page no. twelfth, thirteenth, and lastly fourteenth. Instead of ranking it goes into the next page after editing each time. What is the reason for this? Please help me. How to fix it? I will be grateful if anyone solves my issue.

Thank you


While editing your gig, do you keep changing the tags and title ?

I have changed one of my tags but didn’t change the gig title.

It happens because of the tags as per as i know

Be careful of editing your gigs. Do them correctly the first time! I had the same problem. Contact customer services.

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Thank you for your honest opinion. I will do so.

Proper titles and tags are important to maintain your gig ranking on the search page. You gotta take care of the tags next time.

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