NEGATIVE feed backs for money?


I just saw a gig which offers negative feed backs.

Here’s what happens. Seller will purchase a gig from the person that he wish to submit a negative feedback. Then no matter how that person is going to do the work, this seller will review it negatively.

This can be strongly used against competitors. What a shame.

Fiverr should step in such cases and ban these type of sellers permanently.

Just wanted to share.



I hope you reported it to customer service.


Yes, as @jtengle said, please reach out to Customer Support regarding this user.


Of course I did! :slight_smile:


Furthermore words like “Negative feed back” must be banned from Gigs title.

So no one will be able to create again.

Is there anyway where we can convince Fiverr??


I have a feeling they will remove this quickly. They shouldn’t be able to sell feedback of any kind, good or bad.