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Negative feedback after a hard work :(

Hi there,

I just got a client who asked me to add Google Tag Manager and etc. He is a Level two seller also.
He asked me to come over to Team Viewer just because he cannot provide his login details and I agreed on it. After the Tag manager and other things were about to done the connection suddenly was closed and I was unable to complete it. The work was 98% done and then I asked him what happened he told me that maybe he ran out of his free trial.

I didn’t pay attention and he said okay the work is done. After that, I realized the Team Viewer is free! so why did he say that he ran out of the free version? I delivered it and after my continuous messages, he stopped replying to me. The order was completed automatically after three days and he never mentioned a single word in his feedback and I also never asked him. He keeps on saying that the work is not completed and he was also never ready to share the login details.

After some days he just left a 3-star review saying that “did half of it okay but rude in his communication”. I never talked rudely but I don’t know why did he say that. This whole work was for only $5 and it just took me 5 minutes to complete.

I have 10 reviews with a total of 4.8-Star ratings.
How many more 5-Star ratings I need to get a whole of 5-star.

Thanks for reading kindly share your opinion.


It happens.

I have many 4-Star reviews and even a 2-Star review.

However, I also have 650+ reviews so my stats show me as a 5-Star Seller.

The math works in your favour when you get mostly 5 and 4.5 Star reviews.

Hang in there.

It will take time, but it will work for you.


I hope it won’t effect my work anymore :slight_smile:

He is a scammer! I would report this with screenshots to customer services. They cannot repair your rating but they can deal with him. Your rating is still good! 4.8 is not at all bad. Won’t or shouldn’t affect your gig position in the searches.



Thanks for your answer.
I also think he is a scammer but God knows what’s the matter.

I am okay with my ratings and yea they are not bad.

Did that seller also scammed you?