Negative Feedback and You


I am going to go against the grain here. Yes, negative feedback is bad, but it isn’t as bad as you may think :slight_smile: You should never let it get to you. Take into account what they say and move on. It won’t affect your sales as long as you have a steady stream of positive reviews coming in, and more importantly, people aren’t going to place too much focus on one negative comment if your page is filled with positive ones! I too got hung up on negative reviews in the past, I dreaded them. Thankfully I have only received some because I was ‘late’ on a couple of gigs and thus automatic feedback. Honestly, people understand you are human and are willing to work with you if you are late, so just give them a little heads up. Do a good job and it will be fine! Don’t let yourself be bogged down by the potential for negative feedback. Life is too short, you can only do your best!


Reply to @limelightdesign: I understand what you are saying about the gigs and I agree with you. I wish I could be a top seller and sells hundreds of orders every month. The problem is that my niche is very narrow. I have tried numerous ways to get people to give me positive feedback. I have made offers of giving them more or just asked nicely for the feedback, but its a hit and miss that works with some and not with others. Some people are either lazy and dont want to bother, and others are the “I’m not giving you anything” attitude. I had this one guy that I asked for a positive feedback and he cancelled the order after it had already been filled. He went to support and got them to cancel it. So it is a VERY difficult situation. I am always on the lookout for any new ideas and I try them as I see them or think of them. For me, I have 8 gigs, so my feedback get spread out over all on them instead of concentrated on one, so its a tough battle.


@beatcraigslist Eh, I don’t know if I agree with that. While I do acknowledge that non-feedback orders do not come into play, I think it also depends on how popular the Gig is. A Gig with 20 total positive feedbacks and 1 negative is going to be a lot more affected by 1 negative feedback on a Gig with 100 positive feedback. It is the nature of the game, users with high volume won’t get hit as badly as users with low volume. In that sense it stinks, and I wish non-feedbacks were taken into an account, but it is the nature of the game. A Gig with lots of positive feedback will be fine with a negative feedback here and there. A Gig without lots of feedback of course will be hit hard, but then there are other circumstances to consider when criticizing the system (such as “What can I do to get more volume?” “How can I get more of my buyers to leave positive feedback instead of none at all?”) The whole calibration of your Gig needs to be taken into account in that case.


I agree. I think it is also pertinent for people who receive poor feedback because of perceived lack of quality to work with their buyer. Oftentimes a buyer is happy to rescind negative feedback for a redone order, a complimentary order, or a cancellation altogether. Either way, it’s great if the negative feedback comes off!

If the negative feedback stays there, I agree that it is absolutely key to keep trucking along. Over deliver to your customers and get some AWESOME feedback to top that not-so-nice negative feedback you’ve received. One bad egg won’t ruin the whole bunch as long as you keep delivering to the best of your ability and refuse to get down about the situation.

I also think it is clear to iterate and reiterate upon delivering the order that you are happy to work with the buyer until they are 100% SATISFIED. That way they won’t rush into leaving negative feedback if they are not pleased with the order you’ve delivered them.

Try your best and things will fall into place!


Sorry but I have to disagree. If it weren’t for the Fiverr system, I would completely agree with you, but the system in place is toxic. I have a steady stream of positives coming in and after 15 or 20 positives my ranking goes up 1%. Then I get one single negative and it drops 7-8%. Is that reasonable? NO! Because the problem with the system in place is that positives and non-feedback are added together and you are given an average. On the other hand I get the impression that Negatives are not done the same way. I think negatives stand alone and the non-feedbacks are not counted at all, so 1 negative REALLY hurts you. In fact I think the negatives are averaged against the positives, but the non-feedbacks are left out completely (if you understand what I mean). The pain comes in when you loose your ad-ons and maybe your levels. So negatives are a BIG problem here where you cant just accept them, change your strategy and move on.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Hiya! I just looked at your Gigs and saw that you are doing what many people are doing - posting what is essentially the same Gig multiple times. Maybe what you should try and do is consolidate it all into one Gig to focus on? I know many times people think that having multiple Gigs will help them in the search aspect of their category, but I think that it hurts in the sense of just as you said - spreading out the feedback and volume that you get. I know that my press release Gig with over 100 positive feedback comments would not look nearly as appealing as if I had the same exact Gig 4 times, with 20 positive feedback comments on each. With Fiverr, I believe that the key to success, longevity, and profitability is both quality AND quantity, and I think it is hard for potential buyers to see what success you’ve had. Buyers of online services, where they heavily rely on people they don’t know anything about to fulfill their needs, usually fall in the emotive characteristics of the buying process. This is sales information that salespeople constantly learn about. When being sold to, they want to know and hear testimonials, feedback, and experiences from other buyers before making the commitment to purchase themselves. For you to have the best luck with that, you need to have your feedback concentrated into one place, at least in my opinion.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Also, are your Gigs against Craigslist’s terms of service? If not, advertise on Craigslist directly. Talk about niche marketing! I would also start a blog and try and drive in some SEO about beating the Craigslist process as well, it could really help. :slight_smile:


I also disagree. I’m a tarot reader, and an honest one at that. I had a buyer that was upset because I did not agree that he was the next best thing next to sliced bread and refused to tell him how great he was. People judge readers by their consistency and their ratings. 1 bad rating ruins you and I’ve had people tell me they shut their gigs down because 1 bad rating stopped their flow of clients. I know it stopped mine until Fiverr removed the rating because the guy simply was being unfair. He didnt even leave feedback. He just thumbs down’d.


Reply to @mrspanda: By no means is negative feedback “good,” I just simply agree that it can be a learning experience and if you can’t do anything to change it, you just have to keep going. I agree @arnveb that buyers deserve to be 100% satisfied, and as I said before I make that clear whenever I deliver an order.

I think the varying opinions come from the volume of sales people receive, which I mentioned before. @ryangillam, who posted this thread, is a top seller with high volume as you can see just from looking in his queue.

I myself have only been on Fiverr a month an experienced hundreds of orders in that short time. All I am saying is that for me a negative feedback isn’t nearly as bad as it seems because it should teach you something about being a good salesperson and how to deliver better and interact with your clients better in the future. But I do think you guys have valid points. And also, @mrspanda, clearly your negative feedbak incident isn’t what the OP was referring to because that was clearly unwarranted, and that’s what Customer Support is there for.


Reply to @limelightdesign: No, my gigs do not violate any TOS from CL or any other site. I already post other things on CL so I dont like to muddy the water with these products also. I have full time work that is web related and I try not to cross any of them with the others. Just keeps things cleaner I think.

As far as me having many gigs, well…that has evolved over time. Originally I only had one gig, then added another since I didn’t have add-ons to start. Over time I have added more to allow for more products and coverage. You cant have one gig that covers everything since I supply many different needs. I just cross link many of the products together in case a buyer doesn’t see the other gigs. If I could list them all in one I would but I think that people would not see everything I have to offer that way. Its the same as companies that have many different websites that all do the same thing. Its because different exposure, look, design, etc will get you different customers.