Negative feedback due to a misunderstanding


Buyer left the negative review due to misunderstanding, now the buyer is agreed to remove the review but there’s no option to do that, contacting CS from last 3 days. When I clicked on the modification review request there was nothing, what it was made for? They canceled the order without my agreement but they are not removing the negative review. Whereas the buyer is fully agreed to remove the review. When I asked for the reasons why they are not removing the review when the buyer is agreed they don’t have any reasons. Where should i go? when the seller is agreed to remove the feedback that he left by a misunderstanding, we are agreed to mutually cancel the order.


Hello, once an order with a review is cancelled the review cannot be removed. This is the new rule. The buyer should have removed the review first.

I saw the review. If a buyer asks a questions or sends a message do not wait two days to answer. Answer immediately.


the order is cancelled by CS today after 3 days :slight_smile: the buyer tried to remove but there was no option do that


That is because he can’t remove a review after the order is cancelled. It is a new rule.


You can’t offer a refund in exchange for review removal. The modification review option in the Resolution Center is to be used with an active order, not a cancelled one.

The buyer could try to contact Customer Support directly to check, but reviews usually aren’t removed after refund.


he tried to do that before the order was cancled


Maybe he lied?


The order is canceled today and i tried modification review option right after the buyer’s feedback. I did not offer him exchange a refund :slight_smile:


He stated in the chat that he wanted to do that but there’s no option. He said i am agreed :slight_smile: and he admitted that the review was because of a misunderstanding


Well, it’s now cancelled. Move on to the next order.


Maybe he left the feedback and right after that the order was cancelled so when you saw it was too late to modify it.

He can contact customer support and try telling them he wants to change it.


Nope. The order is canceled today by CS and i am contacting Fiverr CS from last 3 days about the feedback :slight_smile:


how could i move on sir? the review is truely baseless and affecting my profile. Whereas the amount of the order is lost too.


Ask him to ask customer support to remove the review, although they may not.


CS already warned me that exchange of refund is not allowed whereas I did not offer like that, I was trying to resolve the issue. Well, if I ask him to contact CS and ask them to remove the review. Is it against the TOS?


You can try all you like, Ma’am, but people are trying to explain the normal policy to you. Feel free to argue with Support. Good luck.


No you can ask him to do that as long as he already said he would like to change it.


your have the final option if nothing is working. Just clear the all situation in reply of feedback.


I am not arguing. Just talking about what happened with me recently


I mean you can argue with Support if you want. The buyer has a better chance but I don’t know what they’ll say. Sanmeet gave a good suggestion too. Just be prepared that the review might stay.